Love Ghibli? Walk into the World of Ghibli at Atami Akao Herb and Rose Garden

So Many Ghibli Vibes!

“Garden Cubby House” by Cheryl Sakurai

Atami Akao Herb and Rose Garden is nestled in the humble mountains that hug the beautiful Atami shore. It transports you to a world that feels like something straight out of a magical Ghibli film.  It’s the perfect place to wear your favorite outfit and imagine that you’re dancing along a path in your favorite book or movie. It’s the ideal location to start practicing the art of romanticizing your life i.e. consciously giving yourself the special spotlight you deserve, as the main character of your life. 

“My Little Neighbor Bumblebee” photo by Cheryl Sakurai

Despite its name, the garden isn’t just filled with roses and herbs. It also has a wide range of exotic and unusual plants and flowers that are sure to leave you in awe. The flowers in the garden differ depending on the season, so it offers variety all year round. Below are a few photos of some unusual plants that were particularly fascinating when I visited the gardens in early June.

“Pink Bell-bottoms” by Cheryl Sakurai
“Loofahs in Nature” photo by Cheryl Sakurai

Harry Potter Quills!

“My Trusty Quill” photo by Cheryl Sakurai

The plant above reminded me of a quill from Harry Potter! As a writer, my mind started to race with ideas for my novel just from one brief look at them.

If you’re a creator, stopping by at Atami Akao Herb and Rose Garden could be just what you need to light that creative spark or break that creative block. Spending so much time within the confines of our home or office can sometimes suck the creative energy from us. You’ll be surprised by just how much creativity we can draw from even a moment in nature.

“Magical Markets” photo by Cheryl Sakurai

The gardens also often feature local markets or pop-up stores filled with handmade goods and treats. When I visited in June, a food truck that had a lovely vintage touch was selling coffee, quiche, and french sweets. It even sold a wonderful selection of french Canelé (or カヌレin Japanese). Their goods looked like they had been carefully crafted with love and transported to the gardens with the Weasley’s flying car from Harry Potter.

“The Magical Food Truck” photo by Cheryl Sakurai
“Bringing ‘Home’ to You” photo by Cheryl Sakurai

Dreamy Ghibli Swing

“Soaring Over the Ocean” photo by Cheryl Sakurai

Now, imagine yourself soaring through the air with nothing but the vastness of the ocean and the sky before you. As you see your legs rising to kiss the sky you realize that all vision of the ground beneath you has disappeared – you’re really flying. This swing gives you that feeling. It gives an extra magical touch to the gardens that will make your visit unforgettable. 

Ocean Views From a Trampoline Hammock

“Relaxing by the ocean” photo by Cheryl Sakurai 

When you’re ready to take a break, follow the steps by the swing down to the next level of the mountain. Here you’ll find some very unique square trampoline hammocks that you can relax on. These hammocks are a great place to feel the cool breeze on your skin and get lost in the beauty of nature as you admire the wide ocean views.

“Tranquility” photo by Cheryl Sakurai

💡  Our Tips:

  • Wear comfortable sneakers, sandals, or walking shoes. You’ll be taking the bus up to the top of the mountain,  but you’ll be walking down it to explore all the gardens. Although the walk down the mountain is very easy, the sheer length of time you’ll spend walking will tire you out if you aren’t wearing comfortable shoes.
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat as you’ll be in direct sunlight for most of your time here

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