A Hidden Cafe in Atami Surrounded by Nature

A Hidden Cafe in Atami Surrounded by Nature

If you’re ready for a journey into the heart of nature and want to enjoy a peaceful day on your own or with a loved one, then Garden Cafe Ripple may be just what you need. It has outdoor and indoor seating and if weather permits, I highly recommend choosing a seat outside. There is a small stream that flows right past the cafe and the healing sound of it trickling through tiny spaces between pebbles and sticks is simply magical.  The gentle whisper of the birds perched in the trees around you creates this feeling that everything in your life is exactly how it’s supposed to be in this moment. All your problems seem to melt away and you’re brought into the pure bliss of the moment. Words truly can’t describe how much of an impact this place has been known to have on people.  

“Smoked Salmon, Cheese & Vegetable Galette”. Taken by Cheryl Sakurai

The sheer quality of each meal is astounding – most meals look like something straight out of a Ghibli film!  The cafe has a variety of options on the menu, but we came specifically to try out their French galettes. A galette might look like a light meal, but we can tell you from experience that it’s far more filling than it appears. The cafe uses only the finest of ingredients, and the owners prepare each meal with a great deal of love and care.

“Ghibli-lovers will get dreamy-eyed from the moment they walk in.”

One bite of the smoked salmon, cheese, and vegetable galette will give you a burst of colorful flavors that tantalizes your tastebuds. The subtle touch of sweetness from the cherries gives it that little something that you never knew you needed but now simply can’t do without!

“Creamy Coconut Milk Pudding” Taken By Cheryl Sakurai

But what’s a delectable French meal without any desserts? If you love Creme Brule or Japanese pudding, then their creamy coconut milk pudding is a unique twist of flavors that you’re sure to enjoy. It’s very similar to the Filipino dessert “Leche Flan”, but with a coconut milk twist – great for those who can’t consume a lot of milk but still want to indulge.  

Lastly, we recommend bringing along a book to read or just making time to sit back and relax as you take in all that nature has to offer. 

“Garden Cafe Ripple Sign” Taken By Cheryl Sakurai

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