Learn How to Be a Ninja in 2024 in Japan!

“Zelda and Escape Room fans are sure to be intrigued by this fascinating sensory experience.”

Ever wanted to learn the ways of the ninja in Japan? Well at Oshino Shinobi no Sato in Yamanashi, Japan, that dream can actually become a reality. Here, you can train with ninja and even learn to throw real shuriken! For those who want to fully embody a ninja, you can even change into a ninja costume and complete your training. 

When you first walk in, we highly recommend booking a time to watch their ninja show. It’s action-packed in all the right ways – with interesting use of secret doors, weapons, and traps. Showtimes vary depending on the day, so be sure to check their calendar and show schedule times before visiting.

The village also has a “Karakuri house” – a ninja trick house filled with hidden doors and secret entries.

The “Karakuri house” requires you to go through a variety of rooms and utilize your sense of touch and sight to identify discrepancies in room structures. By making small changes to the room, you’ll open up pathways to new rooms – just like something straight out of The Legend of Zelda series. It will challenge your ability to think outside the box and find your way out. It could be classed as the forefather of the modern-day “Escape Room” which rightly warrants the implementation of their rule of secrecy (taking photos to reveal puzzle solutions is an absolute no-no). You’ll just have to enter the Karakuri house for yourself to discover its secrets!

“Karakuri House” (からくり屋敷) Photo by Cheryl Sakurai

Within the house, there is actually one section in which you can take photos. In this room, there are various ninja weapons on display, along with detailed explanations of their uses. This mini-museum adds a very nice touch to the experience, and we highly recommend taking time to view each weapon in detail as some of the markings are quite intricate.

“Ninja shuriken and jika-tabi”(忍者手裏剣・地下足袋) Photo by Cheryl Sakurai
“Japanese hand grenade and arrow.”  Photo by Cheryl Sakurai

Learn to Throw Real Shuriken

Next to the Karakuri house is the “Shuriken Dojo” (手裏剣道場). Here, you can learn to throw real shuriken and compete to win prizes! You can even win a “ninjagatana”- a ninja sword (忍者刀・忍刀). It’s far more difficult than it looks, but nevertheless extremely fun to do!

Across from the Karakuri House is the “Narukojigoku” Obstacle Course (鳴子地獄). Naruko (鳴子) are clappers or noisemakers that were strategically placed in various parts of the house so that when bumped, would make enough noise to notify the ninja of any intruders. Try your hand at getting through the course without bumping any of the naruto; it’s far more difficult than it looks!

When you’re ready for a break, take a walk through the Japanese gardens and relax your feet in the free foot bath. Take in the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji and the Japanese gardens as you relax or even meditate.

“Relaxing in the foot bath” Taken by Cheryl Sakurai

To bring a little something back home, you can end the day with some shopping for ninja gear or souvenirs at their souvenir shop. They even sell a variety of shuriken so that you can practice your throwing skills and come back one day to take on the shuriken-throwing challenge in hopes of winning a prize from a higher tier.

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Click here for Oshino Shinobi no Sato Ninja Village’s calendar and show schedule.

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