Who’s The Curious Little Bunny?

My name is Cheryl Sakurai, a half Filipino half Australian who has set out to keep your curiosity for life alive through this blog! I love dancing, especially Hawaiian hula, and Bachata. I hold choreography dance classes and workshops in Japan to help people express their creativity. Due to my love of all things furry and adorable, I have designed some useful products with adorable animals in hopes of bringing you joy even on the dullest of days! 

Let’s Get Past The Rainbows And Connect Deeply:   Having had epilepsy until the age of 17 and my fair share of near-death experiences, I now have a deep appreciation for life and hope to share that with you. I grew up as a shy little bunny who struggled a lot as the odd one out but finally learned to embrace my individuality and open myself up to others. Now you’ll see me as the outgoing introvert who not only loves to actively take on new experiences and meet new people but also loves to curl up on the couch and enjoy some much-needed ‘me time’. Below is a photo of me dancing under a streetlight and was taken by a very talented photographer named Amir (@tranquil.maelstrom).