5 Unique Dance Props that will Make Your Dance Mesmerizing!

Here are our top 5 unique dance props that will make your dance mesmerizing! These mesmerizing modern props all come with video examples to bring you just the right amount of inspiration to create your next original dance!

#1 Projectors (Projection Mapping)

Projectors aren’t just used for movies, light-ups, and presentations! Take your dance to a whole new level by incorporating them with artistic videos of your choice. Here is a superb example of projection mapping used in dancing. The dance is very minimalistic and short, but highly effective nonetheless. It also demonstrates that a dance routine doesn’t need to be very long to have a powerful impact. 

#2 Light-up Costumes

Why not save yourself some time and mental energy by combining your prop with your costume? The use of light-up costumes has mostly been dominated by the hip-hop genre, but other dance genres have yet to explode in popularity. Take advantage of this opportunity and be one of the first to create a unique, eye-catching dance in your favorite dance genre!

#3 Umbrellas as Dance Props

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Rainy days can signify sadness or even happiness or relaxation, depending on the person, their mindset, or their experiences. Umbrellas may be a common household item, but they can be very pleasing to the eye, especially when used in combination with choreographic devices such as “cannon”.

Take for example Pan-Asian Dance Troupe’s dance “Cindy and Joanna’s Umbrella” below, where they make excellent use of dance choreographic devices such as “cannon”.

As you’ve just seen, umbrellas can be used in an open or closed state, which gives you greater flexibility to create various movements. Some examples of how you could use your umbrella in your dance include:

  • Twirling it while holding it in your hands
  • Placing it upside down on the floor and spinning it
  • Holding it while performing various other movements

#4 Color Smoke Bombs:

Why not add a splash of color to your dance with somecolor smoke bombs?  They are very portable and light, making them easy to dance with no matter the location of your performance. Check out the video below by Canning Captures to see some wonderful examples of how you can use color smoke props in your next dance!

#5 Hula Hoops:

You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to the hula hoop, but you’ll be surprised just how many new, unique movements that you can create with it! Check out the fantastic hula hoop dance below by SpinJoy Hoop Dance for some fresh inspiration!

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 Featured Photo by   Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

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