Unique Experiences In Yamanashi, Japan: Escape From Tokyo

Unique Experiences In Yamanashi: Escape From Tokyo at Herb Garden Travel Diary

Journey into a garden filled with roses and exotic plants that will put your mind at ease and transport you to a world away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

A “Passion Flower” (“Passiflora”), which is well-known for treating anxiety and sleep problems. Photo taken by Cheryl Sakurai.

The gardens also feature the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences such as making your own original:

  • candle
  • kaleidoscope 
  • herb soap
  • Japanese fan (with the use of potpourri) 
  • herbarium bottle
  • power stone bracelet

Each experience is very reasonably priced and can be booked on the day of your visit.

My husband Andy creating his own candle. Photo taken by Cheryl Sakurai

A lovely stone bridge and river with koi fish. Photo taken by Cheryl Sakurai

One stroll around these gardens is all it takes to reset and refresh your mind, body, and soul. Get lost in the wonder of nature and feel all of that built-up stress just melt away. 

Roses not only line the garden paths but even grow in the arches of the various garden entrances. Photo taken by Cheryl Sakurai.

The aroma of rows upon rows of blooming flowers drifts through the air and beckons you to indulge. We purposefully refrained from including too many photos of the gardens to maintain that element of surprise. It’s all up to you to explore the gardens for yourself and discover all the beauty that

Of course there’s an adorable squirrel on a swing. This is Japan. Photo taken by Cheryl Sakurai.

“Self-care is an investment in yourself.”

Don’t forget to check out their extensive range of unique self-care items at their herbal shop, which has everything from aroma oils to herb-infused salts and handmade bath soaps. Give yourself a treat for always working so hard! Self-cafe is an investment in yourself. No matter what anyone says, you are the most important asset in your life! Treat yourself well, and you’ll have all the energy that you could ever need to do the same for others.

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