How to Make Your Own Original Dance

Dance isn’t just a form of entertainment. It’s a way to express ourselves and it offers fulfillment and emotional healing both for the dancer, and the audience. This entire section is dedicated to helping you create your own original dance routines so that you can bring joy to yourself and to others. Dance can also be used as a means of communicating something that is of great importance to you (such as a social issue) to a wide range of people. In the world of dance, this is known as dance choreography.

“Creating something from nothing and using it to bring joy to all those around you is a very special skill that can be learned.” 

– Cheryl Sakurai

Most people are under the impression that when someone makes a dance, everything just comes to them quickly because they were “born with it”. But dance choreography is something that is learned – just like riding a bike or writing. To help them create routines, dance choreographers actually use a variety of tools. If you take the time to learn these tools, creating dances will become second nature to you. It’s like being able to solve a math problem when you know the right formulas. The biggest difference between math and dancing is that there is no “right formula” or “wrong answer” in dance. “Dance formulas” or “dance tools” are simply guidelines that can help you create a dance routine with greater ease. There is no way to make a  dance that’s wrong. If you can remember this, you will be able to create dances with speed and confidence.

Take advantage of these dance tools as outlined in the articles below to start making your own dance routine with greater ease! Each article is filled with bright visuals to get your creative gears moving. If any of our articles are helpful to you, feel free to support us by sharing them with any fellow dancers or dance students! Happy creating everyone!

“There is no “right formula” or “wrong answer” in dance.”

Make Your Own Dance in 10 Steps

We have simplified the dance creation process into just 10 steps! Here you’ll learn about the absolute basics of dance choreography so that you can start creating today!

Types of Dance Movements

Learn about the various types of movements you can use in your dances. Get inspired and learn how to vary your movements and keep your audience wanting more!

The Elements of Dance

Learn all about the three major elements of dance – space, time, and energy (force). Use these elements well and you’ll not only create an entertaining dance but one that can keep your audience on the edge of their seats the entire time.

16 Ways to Move in Dance (Choreographic Devices)

Learn about the top choreographic devices that are used in dance routines to create unique movement sequences and shapes. Learn how to make an original dance that will please your entire audience and keep them wanting more!

Fascinate Your Audience with Dance Props

So you’ve finished choreographing your dance, but it feels like it’s missing something. Why not try making use of props in your performance to not only make it more unique, but better convey the main theme, emotion, or message of your dance? Props aren’t just for actors in a play or movie, they’re for dancers too! After all, performing on stage or a set is something we all share in common. In this guide, we show you how to make excellent use of props in your dance so that your audience will never forget it!

The 6 Movement Dynamics of Dance

Discover the 6 movement dynamics of dance with our short-and-sweet guide. With clear examples and photos of each dance movement dynamic, you will quickly learn the key differences between them all and be ready to use them at your disposal.

Dance Choreography Glossary & Example Photos

An easy-to-read list of words and concepts used in dance choreography, and throughout the guides on this site.